Friday, 3 December 2010

Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Well I got this for Christmas (as you can tell a little early-but oh well). This particular DVD was imported from Malaysia-Region 0 YAY!! (Since there is no release over here in the UK).

Well I have seen it all before-And I have to say it is one of my favourites =D

“Created by Yazawa Ai, the author of the popular Nana series, Paradise Kiss is essentially about a group of 5 students who struggle with their love life and their future in the fashion design industry. The lead character, Hayasaka Yukari, started out as an ice-queen type of a character who wanted nothing to do with the other students when they ask her to become a model for their design. She, however, quickly becomes entangled with the group when the group’s leader and main fashion designer, Koizumi ‘George’ Jouji, shows a personal interest in her. Another storyline involves one of the group members called Sakurada Miwako, a character originated from Para Kiss's predecessor/prequel, Gokinjo Monogatari. With an opening theme from Tommy February and an ending theme from Franz Ferdinand.”

Well my first thought from the whole series was the subtitles are really wrong. It is a good thing I know some Japanese. Even though they are slightly wrong, I think a first time viewer will be able to make sense of them. They are generally silly things like a brand being called Happy Jam instead of Happy Berry. Personally I do find this annoying but the anime is so amazing in itself I can live with it.

It is a short anime at only 12 episodes, which does tell the story nicely without any filler episodes, like some others I can mention…In some ways I would like to have had this go on a little bit longer, so I can be involved in the ‘Para Kiss’ world again. On the other hand I am glad it did not drag on and ruin the story.

This is all based on the anime and not the manga. I have yet to read it. All in all I will give Paradise Kiss 5/5 even with the bad subtitles >=D


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